After learning more about the benefits of smart meters from Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout, Angus MacDonald MSP is urging his constituents to find out about the benefits of smart meters. 

With more than 4 million smart meters already installed across the UK, Angus MacDonald MSP is looking forward to seeing this new technology upgrade more and more homes across the Falkirk District. Those who have upgraded are already feeling the benefits.

Nearly eight in ten people (79 per cent) with a smart meter would recommend the technology to a friend, neighbour or relative, and 83 per cent are confident that their bills are accurate, whereas only 65 per cent of those without feel the same (August 2016 Smart energy outlook). 

Smart meters will bring everyone in the Falkirk District and the rest of the UK accurate bills at no additional cost. The amount of gas and electricity that’s been used will, for the first time, be shown in pounds and pence and in near real time. With this information consumers will know exactly how much the next bill will be, and can make informed choices about their energy use. Finally, the out-dated system of manual meter readings and estimation will come to an end, and the inconvenient prepayment system will be completely revolutionised for constituents currently using these meters.

After hearing more about the technology from Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“Smart meters will give us all much more control of what we spend on gas and electricity, and finally put an end to estimated bills.

I was delighted to see first-hand how smart meters will benefit my constituents. I encourage everyone to visit Smart Energy GB’s website or visit their local Post Office branch to pick up a leaflet to find out more about smart meters.”

By 2020 every home in Great Britain will be offered a smart meter at no additional cost. To find out more, contact your energy supplier, pick up a leaflet from your local Post Office branch or visit


At an IPPR conference on 7th December, Kezia Dugdale called for a new act of union in order to “unify the United Kingdom,” with an agreement to build a more federal arrangement. However Falkirk East SNP MSP, Angus MacDonald, has said that this is another promise from Labour that may as well be written in the sand.

Through the Smith Commission, which led to the Scotland Act (2016) devolving 15% of Welfare powers along with control over road signs to Holyrood, Labour opposed more devolution than what was agreed in the commission, and Kezia Dugdale has constantly demanded that everyone else stop talking about the constitution, and get on with the day job.

The Labour leader in Scotland’s calls came on the same day as the SNP group in Westminster put forward an amendment to the Labour motion calling on the UK Government to respect parts of the UK, like Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and also calls for a formal role for the devolved administrations including seeking their agreement before Article 50 is triggered. An amendment which was not  even selected to be considered by Westminster.

Commenting, Angus MacDonald, SNP MSP for Falkirk East said:

“The SNP have always made the case for Scotland to be given more powers at Holyrood. This would allow the Scottish Government to choose different policies to those which have been forced upon it by a Tory Government in Westminster. It would appear to be a positive step if Labour have truly committed to that notion, and I look forward to them joining us in making that case.

“However, this is nothing we have not heard before. We have had ex-Labour Prime Ministers promising the closest thing to federalism this country has ever seen. Promises, dating back years, of more powers and the maximum devolution possible were certainly not carved in stone, and may as well have been written in the sand. Well it would seem that Labour have now been caught in the tide too.

“We are seeing the failure of Labour to stand up and be an opposition in Westminster, we have seen the demise of Labour in Scotland at the Scottish Parliament elections, and we continue to see the failure of a Labour run administration in Falkirk Council which has recently had a damning indictment passed down from the Audit Commission, and now we see that the perpetrators of this mismanagement are stepping away from their legacy at next year’s Local Government Elections.

“Labour need to be serious if they want to stand up for Scotland’s interests. The UK government’s damaging plans to drag Scotland out the EU against its will, will have a devastating impact on jobs and the economy in Scotland. It will also have a significant impact on policy areas that are the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. If Labour fails to stand up with the SNP for Scotland’s interests where Brexit is concerned in any future debate, and instead choose to let the Tories have their wicked ways, then Labour will once again have sold Scotland down the river and will prove Kezia Dugdale’s words to be hollow.

“I welcome these developments, however actions speak louder than words, and it has been proved time and again that hollow words are all Labour are able to deal in.”



Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has given his backing to environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful and the national campaign to clean up Scotland’s roadsides.  With 88% of Scottish adults agreeing that roadside litter creates a negative impression of Scotland, the campaign aims to tackle the behaviour which is ruining the view for visitors and domestic road users alike.

Recent litter monitoring by the charity has revealed that over 96% of Scotland’s main roads and iconic routes are affected by litter.  In addition, during 2016, 52% of Scottish adults have seen someone throw litter from a vehicle and not pick it up. The campaign is urging road users to take personal responsibility for their litter, encouraging them to give their litter a lift, and take it home.

Angus MacDonald MSP for Falkirk East said:

“Litter is an issue which affects us all. Whether on our streets in our communities, along our coastline and part of our beaches, or in rural areas, we have all come across unsightly litter across the country. There can be no excuse for dropping litter, and it is the responsibility of us all to ensure we are not leaving it up to someone else to clean up behind us. We should all play our part in making sure that Scotland is kept as beautiful as possible.”

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said:

“As a direct response to our country’s roadside litter problem, we have launched this campaign with a wide range of stakeholders including industry, the public sector and charities, and we are very grateful for Angus’ support.  We recognise that to tackle this disgusting and illegal habit, we all need to work in partnership, to raise awareness of the problem of throwing litter from a vehicle, and to trial innovative solutions to change current littering behaviours.

“The message is simple - give your litter a lift, take it home!”

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland, said:

“VisitScotland aims to make Scotland a sustainable destination through promoting environmental accreditation and practices to all tourism businesses. We welcome the launch of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s new campaign to cut down the amount of litter on our roadsides and to help ensure that this country remains a hugely attractive destination to visitors from all over the world.”

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