Angus MacDonald MSP is encouraging young people in the Falkirk District to stand in the upcoming Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) elections. Being part of SYP gives young people the opportunity to represent the views of other young people in their area, and advocate for the issues that matter to them. 

Commenting, Angus MacDonald MSP for Falkirk East said:

“It goes without saying that the Scottish Youth Parliament is vital in getting young people engaged with the issues affecting them the most. Young people are the future of Scotland, and to have them standing up for their rights and for what they believe Scotland should be, that can only be positive for the country as a whole.

“I would encourage any young person who is passionate about their future, and the future of their friends and peers, to stand for election to the Scottish Youth Parliament and have a say in how Scotland’s future is shaped.”

Elections to the Scottish Youth Parliament happen every two years, with the next elections taking place in March 2017. The call for candidates is open until the 31st of October 2016. More information at the Scottish Youth Parliament Website. #Stand4SYP



SNP MSP for Falkirk East, Angus MacDonald has condemned the notion of xenophobic hatred.

Speaking after the uncovering of an alleged Neo-Fascist rock group’s possible gig in the Falkirk area over the weekend of the 22nd of October, Mr. MacDonald praised the efforts of his SNP Parliamentarian colleagues for their actions, and called on racial hatred to be stamped out.

Angus MacDonald MSP for Falkirk East said:

“There has been a distinct change in the atmosphere since June 23rd, and it is not a change for the good. The rise in anti-migrant rhetoric emerging from an increasingly right-wing Tory Government, coupled with the victimisation of people who have made the UK their home, is something which can only be described as deplorable.

“I am glad to say that this trend is being completely bucked in Scotland, where hate crime has fallen in the same period of time. The swift actions of Justice Secretary Michael Matheson MSP in looking for this group to be banned from entering the UK are to be welcomed. There is no place for hatred, never mind Neo-Nazi hatred in society, and there never has been. Also the actions of my SNP colleague John McNally MP striving to bring this to the attention of the UK Government, an effort which was rejected by the House of Commons, shows that we are taking a different approach to post-Brexit Scotland than our counterparts in Westminster.

“Xenophobia, racism and any form of hatred has no place in society. As we look outward to the possibilities ahead of us in Scotland, it is satisfying to note that the wider public has won out over this hatred. The gig will no longer take place due to the outcry and subsequent actions taken. The message is clear: Scotland will not tolerate hatred.”



I fully welcome, as will the vast majority of my constituents in Falkirk East, the Scottish Government’s decision to ensure there will be no Underground Coal Gasification undertaken in Scotland. It goes to prove that research into these processes is absolutely vital for a properly informed decision to be made in the best interests of Scotland. It also highlights that the Scottish Government is a listening government.

The unconventional method of extracting gas, which is distinct from fracking, was placed under a moratorium in 2015 while the Scottish Government reviewed evidence on its safety and environmental impact.

I have always been confident in the extensive research programme put in place by the Scottish Government, and after considering all the evidence, the conclusion there is no place in Scotland for underground coal gasification is the right decision. With Scotland’s massive renewable energy potential it is fundamental that the focus remains on more sustainable energy sources for the future security of energy in Scotland.

There are very few examples of UCG operating commercially, and where the technology has been used there has been serious environmental impacts including soil contamination and exposure to toxins. Mistakes in Australia were so bad that a number of prosecutions have been brought.

This expert report also states that, if UCG was operated at scale, the resulting carbon and greenhouse gas emissions would make meeting our climate change targets much more difficult if not impossible.

In stark contrast, we see a UK Government ploughing billions into new nuclear plants, and with cuts to the feed in tariffs and subsidies for green energy, it is becoming more evident that keeping the rich energy giants sweet is much more important to some, than the future legacy to be dealt with for generations to come

The Scottish Government has made the right decision today which everyone with an interest in climate change and the environment must welcome.

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