Winning Team return for 2011 election

Angus Robertson MP is to lead the SNP’s campaign team for the 2011 election as the party announced it would contact one million voters to mark the launch of the election campaign.

Moray MP and Westminster leader Angus Robertson will manage the 2011 campaign as the party’s campaign co-ordinator, returning to the role he successfully fulfilled in 2007 which saw the election of the first ever SNP Government.  Bruce Crawford will continue as the party’s Business Convener a move which sees the leading figures from the 2007 campaign back at the heart of the party’s campaign planning.

Confirming Mr Robertson's appointment SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Angus Robertson played a key role at the heart of the SNP’s campaign in 2007, leading our day to day efforts and helping revolutionise campaigning in Scotland.  As we look to the 2011 election the return of Angus Robertson as campaign manager sees that experience and success back at the centre of our plans.”

Commenting on his appointment Angus Robertson MP said:

“It is a privilege to be asked to lead the campaign to see the election of an SNP Government for a second term and we are getting straight down to business.

“As a sign of our determination to put the people of Scotland at the heart of this campaign the SNP will be contacting at least one million voters in the coming week to hear their views on Scotland’s future and their priorities for the next Scottish Government.

“We enter this contest from a strong position with Scotland’s only credible First Minister and an experienced team from Cabinet to our hardworking MSPs and community campaigners.

"And once again we will move politics in Scotland forward another gear with new campaign methods and new technology.

"The people of Scotland have a clear choice. And I am confident they will choose the experience and ambition of Scotland's Party, the SNP, over any of the London based parties.

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Cllr Angus MacDonald said:

“Since 2007 much has been achieved. Waiting times in the NHS are at a record low. Over 300 schools have been built or substantially refurbished, including the four new not-for-profit High Schools in Grangemouth, Falkirk, Denny and St Mungo's RC High School, and the two new primary schools at Kinnaird and Maddiston. There are over 1000 extra police on our streets and as a result, crime rates are at a 30 year low. And of course the Council Tax has been frozen now for three years, protecting family budgets.

"There is still more to do. That is why we will be campaigning for the changes that will allow Falkirk East to deliver economic growth and an alternative to London’s dismal decade of cuts. And that is why we will put the people of Falkirk East at the heart of our activities, inviting them to join us and be part of making Scotland the better nation we all know it can be."

SNP Raise Concerns Over Convener's Conflicts of Interest

The SNP’s spokesperson on Economic Development, Councillor Angus MacDonald has raised concerns at this week’s Full Council meeting regarding the suitability of Cllr Adrian Mahoney as the Convener of Falkirk Council’s Economic Strategy & Development Committee following recent declarations of interest which show he has had business dealings with the two main bodies that deliver business support for Falkirk Council.

At the most recent Economic Strategy & Development meetings Cllr Mahoney has had to vacate the chair due to business interests with Scottish Enterprise and Falkirk for Business.

Raising his concerns to Full Council, Cllr MacDonald said:

“The SNP group has concerns that the Convener of Economic Strategy & Development, Cllr Adrian Mahoney, had to declare an interest in agenda item  ESD 17 which was a Scottish Parliament consultation on the review of enterprise networks, as Cllr Mahoney had a contract through his private business with Scottish Enterprise.

“This follows on from a similar declaration of interest which Councillor Mahoney had to declare at the April ES&D Committee meeting (Item ESD5 – Business Support Update on Falkirk for Business/ FEAT) as he had provided business services to FEAT in financial year 2008/9.

The Convener had to excuse himself from the chair on both occasions

Councillor MacDonald continued:

“There are two main areas of concern to me:

    i) the fact that an elected member of the ruling administration is securing contracts from a body that is heavily funded by Falkirk Council

    ii) the Convener has close financial ties with the two bodies that Falkirk Council’s Economic Development section works closely with to deliver business support and the business gateway

“I would say there is a clear conflict of interest which I am calling on the Labour/Tory/Independent administration to address. While we are all trying to create a positive and welcoming climate to encourage enterprise and inward investment into Falkirk district, particularly as we drag ourselves out of the aftermath of Labour’s recession, there are doubts over the propriety of the Convener’s business interests, which are clear conflicts of interest that would not be permitted in other forums.

“To avoid a perception of impropriety hanging over the Council, should the Convener of Economic Strategy and Development not consider his position?”

Angus MacDonald Welcomes Home Insulation Funding For Bo’ness, Polmont and Upper Braes

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald has welcomed funding from the Scottish Government which could mean 15,000 households in the Bo’ness, Polmont and the Upper Braes areas getting discounted and in some cases, free insulation as part of an SNP Government drive to help households save on their fuel bills as well as lower carbon emissions. Falkirk Council is teaming up with the Energy Savings Trust to deliver the scheme.

The new scheme compliments an existing Falkirk Council cavity wall and loft insulation project which targets Council and former Council properties.

The areas were chosen as they were identified as having properties with some of the highest carbon dioxide emissions in a survey carried out in 2009 and are being targeted accordingly.

Welcoming the funding, SNP Candidate Cllr Angus MacDonald said:

"Through the Home Insulation Scheme, householders can benefit from an upfront saving on the cost of installing insulation, and then the longer-term savings that come from having a more energy efficient home. The information that the energy assessors provide is free and there's no obligation to sign-up.  However five minutes spent considering the efficiency of your home could be time well spent."

Work will start in late October 2010 and is expected to take approximately six months.  Residents will be contacted via a letter from the Energy Saving Trust in partnership with Falkirk Council and then this will be followed up by a visit from a surveyor. If they wish to proceed with the work, a suitable time will be arranged.

How much of a discount households qualify for or if they could be entitled to free insulation will depend on a number of factors such as age and if they are in receipt of qualifying benefits .

Further advice is available from the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre on 0800 512 012 or Falkirk Council's Home Energy Advice Unit on 01324 590807 or by visiting and search for household energy advice

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