Angus MacDonald Welcomes Home Insulation Funding For Bo’ness, Polmont and Upper Braes

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald has welcomed funding from the Scottish Government which could mean 15,000 households in the Bo’ness, Polmont and the Upper Braes areas getting discounted and in some cases, free insulation as part of an SNP Government drive to help households save on their fuel bills as well as lower carbon emissions. Falkirk Council is teaming up with the Energy Savings Trust to deliver the scheme.

The new scheme compliments an existing Falkirk Council cavity wall and loft insulation project which targets Council and former Council properties.

The areas were chosen as they were identified as having properties with some of the highest carbon dioxide emissions in a survey carried out in 2009 and are being targeted accordingly.

Welcoming the funding, SNP Candidate Cllr Angus MacDonald said:

"Through the Home Insulation Scheme, householders can benefit from an upfront saving on the cost of installing insulation, and then the longer-term savings that come from having a more energy efficient home. The information that the energy assessors provide is free and there's no obligation to sign-up.  However five minutes spent considering the efficiency of your home could be time well spent."

Work will start in late October 2010 and is expected to take approximately six months.  Residents will be contacted via a letter from the Energy Saving Trust in partnership with Falkirk Council and then this will be followed up by a visit from a surveyor. If they wish to proceed with the work, a suitable time will be arranged.

How much of a discount households qualify for or if they could be entitled to free insulation will depend on a number of factors such as age and if they are in receipt of qualifying benefits .

Further advice is available from the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre on 0800 512 012 or Falkirk Council's Home Energy Advice Unit on 01324 590807 or by visiting and search for household energy advice

Labour Councillors Branded 'Frauds' by SNP in Falkirk

Labour members intending to attend a STUC march against Westminster Tory cuts to be held in Glasgow on 23 October were described as “frauds” by the SNP members of the council.

The Nationalists had sought to commit the council to supporting the TUC’s alternative strategy outlined at the recent TUC conference but were against when Labour and Tory members combined to defeat the SNP motion and distance the council Administration from the Trade Union Movement.

During the debate SNP leader, David Alexander said,

“The current financial crisis is not being caused by an explosion of public spending but by a drastic drop in central government income.

The way to rectify this is not to cut but to invest in the economy and to bring forward a fair taxation system

For example, it is estimated that the UK Treasury are losing out to the tune of £25billion pounds per year through legal loopholes left deliberately to help the rich get richer.

It is estimated that around £70billion is lost in illegal tax avoidance and yet New Labour cut more than 25,000 Revenue and Customs jobs, including many here in Falkirk now the Tories are going down the same route as New Labour.

What we are seeing from both the Tory / Liberal Administration in London and the New Labour / Tory Administration in Falkirk Council are cuts that hit the poorest hardest.

While the three main London parties fall over themselves to cut back on public services the TUC campaign to protect jobs and services has shone like a beacon in the darkness.

However, Falkirk Council’s Labour Group’s unanimous decision not to support the TUC’s campaign was an act of betrayal of not only Falkirk Council staff but the communities being decimated by the cuts.

Some Labour members (Craig R Martin) urged members to attend the STUC rally against the cuts before voting against the STUC campaign. Such double standards demonstrate how fraudulent New Labour’s position is in terms of not only their support of Tory cuts but their formal alliance with David Cameron’s Tory Party within Falkirk Council.”

SNP Motion

Members are invited to note the current spending in this financial year.

Members also agree that the cuts proposed by the current Conservative / Liberal Government will have a detrimental effect on not only the provision of essential services to the
most vulnerable within our community but also the wider local economy.

Members therefore agree to support the TUC’s “Alternative Strategy” and calls on local MSP’s and MP’s to join the campaign against the cuts.

Council also agrees to have regular reports on the progress of the campaign against the Conservative led cuts.

SNP Councillors were buoyed by the news that the devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had signed a joint declaration pledging to fight the cuts.

Said Cllr Alexander,

“It appears that the only opposition to the current Tory / Liberal governments cuts are coming from the Celtic nations rather than the Labour Party, the official opposition in name only.”

Angus MacDonald Calls for Fair Play on CAB Funding

Grangemouth Councillor Angus MacDonald, who is also standing at the SNP’s candidate at the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections, yesterday (Wednesday) called on the ruling Tory/Labour/Independent administration on Falkirk Council not to cut any further the money provided to the three Citizen’s Advice Bureaux operating in Falkirk district.

Speaking at the Full Council meeting during a debate on the Single Outcome Agreement 2009/11, Councillor MacDonald made a specific plea that the ruling Administration and the Corporate Management Team, made up of all the Council’s Directors, should not reduce any further the amount of funding given to the CAB.

Councillor MacDonald said:

“I call on the ruling administration and the Corporate Management Team to ensure there is no further reduction in funds paid to the CAB. Some local elected Members, including yourself Provost, recently attended the AGM of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (Grangemouth & Bo’ness) and saw the good work going on there. We also see that during 2009/10 £49 million of debt has been renegotiated, with over 330 benefit checks completed and over 135 debt cases supported in Falkirk district. Clients have also accessed £740,000 in benefit claims.

“Given that the current economic crisis will without doubt impact on demand for the services of the CAB, we must ensure that there is no further erosion of funding for this service. I make no apology for cherry-picking as this service is worth every penny of support, and urge the ruling administration to look favourably on this service when deciding the final budget allocations later in the year.”

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