Hepburn and Macdonald Welcome Recruitment of New Police Officers

Jamie Hepburn, SNP MSP for the Central Scotland region, and Grangemouth SNP Councillor Angus MacDonald have welcomed the confirmation that new police officers are to be recruited by Central Scotland Police, the territorial police force which covers the Falkirk area.

Figures showed that the SNP Government has surpassed its manifesto commitment to increase police numbers by 1000. There are now 17,371 police officers in Scotland—1,137 more than when Labour left office.
Despite cuts by the UK Government to the Scottish budget, the SNP has ensured that police numbers are protected.

Welcoming the more police for the Falkirk area, Mr Hepburn said:

"The recruitment of new officers in the Central Scotland region is very welcome and will undoubtedly benefit communities across the Falkirk area.

"This latest intake will ensure that the SNP’s commitment to police numbers continues to be met, despite unprecedented cuts to Scotland’s overall budget by the UK Government.

“Police boards and Chief Constables are re-opening recruitment as a result of their funding deal from the SNP.

“The SNP will not allow the police service in Scotland to be slashed by Tory cuts.”

Grangemouth SNP Councillor and Falkirk East Candidate Angus MacDonald added:

"With record numbers of police officers now on our streets, the SNP remains committed to upholding police services."

“With crime at its lowest for nearly 30 years, the SNP is working hard to make Scotland safer and stronger.

“The recruitment of new officers by Central Scotland Police will benefit communities across the region, including Falkirk district. In Central Scotland the SNP has delivered at least 25 new police officers resulting in a record 853 police officers in Central Scotland”.

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