Surge in support for independence

Scottish ambitions go beyond Scotland Bill

The SNP have today (Sunday) welcomed a TNS opinion poll showing a surge in support for Scottish independence.

The poll shows a record 40% of Scots want to see the Scottish Parliament have the powers of independence.  The TNS poll conducted over St Andrews Day shows 40% support the Scottish Parliament having the powers and responsibilities to enable independence, with only 44% opposed.

The TNS poll follows findings by the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey which shows that support for Scottish independence rises to almost half (45 per cent) if taxes were to go down by £500 – with 62 per cent also saying that the Scottish Parliament should take the most important decisions about welfare benefits, while 57 per cent say the same about taxes.

Commenting, SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is an excellent poll which shows a surge in support for independence at a time when the London parties have been exposed as having nothing positive to offer Scotland.

“The Scotland Bill published by the UK Government is a huge opportunity for Scotland to gain the financial responsibility it needs to prosper – but as currently drafted it falls far short of what is needed.

“This poll shows that people across Scotland see the need for this country to gain the powers other countries take for granted, so we can compete on a level playing field, attract business, grow the economy and create a wealthier nation – the only alternative to the savage Westminster cuts agenda.”

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