The Gaelic King



The Scottish Parliament has been urged to praise a debut film dubbed the budget Braveheart that was made by five brothers from two Scots families.


The Gaelic King, an epic fantasy set in 800AD about an ancient Scots monarch and his battles against the forces of evil, is now on home release worldwide.


Fellowship Film – brothers Philip, Matthew and Nathan Todd and their cousins John and Tom Walkinshaw – shot many scenes for the 90-minute film in and around their family home in Airth in the Falkirk East constituency of SNP MSP, Angus MacDonald.


In a congratulatory motion, Mr MacDonald told the Parliament the brothers were “inspired by epic fantasy films” and hoped to “harness Scotland’s potential as the perfect location for filmmaking”.


In the motion, he also asked his fellow MSPs to “recognise Scotland’s history in film and TV production from Whisky Galore and Tutti Frutti” to worldwide productions such as Game of Thrones and Outlander.


And he highlighted Scotland’s potential to build on its success through the development of film studios in the Pentland area as well as existing studios in Cumbernauld.


Mr MacDonald said Parliament should be encouraging the “wealth of talent in Scotland, from actors and actresses to behind the scenes production professionals, to continue to seek excellence in this sector to promote Scotland as the place to be for filmmakers.”


He also asked that Parliament “commends Fellowship Film on the production, development and release of its debut feature, and wishes it continued success in its future projects.”


Fellowship Film took three years to complete the project on a micro budget, relying on crowd funding, friends and families plus sales’ advances to make their dream come true.


The brothers have always been proud that the film – promoted as Braveheart meets Game of Thrones – was made in Scotland.


“We are grateful to Mr MacDonald for his Parliamentary motion and pleased he admires our work,” said the film’s director, Philip Todd.


“This is a great surprise. Everyone knows we took risks to make it happen and that we had to go it alone.


“We brought together more than 200 people whose creativity, talent and energy helped us achieve the impossible. All in all, this is a fantastic Scottish project, a Scottish film in every way.


“If the Scottish Parliament is in a position to praise The Gaelic King then we will all be extremely happy.”


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