Eat local and boost Scottish business over Christmas

Alyn Smith MEP, Scottish full member of the European Parliament's Agricultural and Rural Development Committee has urged Scots to eat locally this Christmas and Hogmanay season and enjoy healthy Scots produce, help local business and cut down their carbon emissions, giving the planet a present as well!

Smith, who has backed NFU Scotland's "What's on your plate" campaign, is now calling on shoppers to use local produce wherever possible over the festive period.

Mr Smith said:

"We have world class produce in Scotland, and I've continuously pledged support for campaigns which aid Scotland's superb food and drinks industry.

“Now is a particularly good time to remind Scots of the fantastic Scottish produce available.  The wider benefits are not limited to the Christmas table, local businesses from farmers to markets to shops and restaurants can all benefit by consumers using their buying power to favour local producers.

“Of course, local is relative, and not everything can come from your backyard, but the closer to home the better, as the smaller the distance something has travelled the better for you, the local economy and indeed the planet.

“And with bad weather tying up deliveries it could be easier to get local produce than anything else.

"Whether it's cheese from the Isle of Arran, Stornoway Black Pudding, Porridge Oats from Fife or locally sourced vegetables, it's not difficult to support local farmers, support the local economy and reduce your carbon foot print at the same time.

"When you're doing your Christmas food shop, don't forget your local shops and farmers markets. Christmas is a time of indulgence, and Scotland certainly has a lot to offer!"

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