Free membership offer extended to valentines day

SNP open hearts to students and Lib Dems

The Scottish National Party has today [Sunday 26th December] extended its offer of free membership for Scotland’s students to Valentine’s Day as it launched a new appeal to disappointed Lib Dem voters and members.

The SNP, Scotland’s largest party with over 16,000 members, has already seen hundreds of students join the party in the last two weeks and with the extended offer expect many more to join between now and the new Valentine’s Day deadline.

Following the tuition fees vote the SNP has received a high level of interest from former Lib Dem voters and the party is inviting Lib Dem members disillusioned with Tory Government  to take up the same opportunity to join the SNP for free.

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Bruce Crawford MSP said:

“I am absolutely delighted by the response we’ve had from Scotland’s students and pleased to extend our free membership offer to Valentine’s Day.   The enthusiasm of Scotland’s students for politics and for a party that shares their belief in free education underlines the extent to which they have had their political hearts broken by the Lib Dem MPs backing for Tory tuition fees.

“As the debate around the future of higher education moves to Scotland the SNP has made a firm commitment that we will not introduce tuition fees. Education based on the ability to learn is one of Scotland’s core values, one the SNP will fight to protect.

“Lib Dem voters and members who just like students have found themselves abandoned by their party are now looking to the SNP.  In power the Lib Dems have let down members and voters by backing tuition fees, nuclear energy, privatisation of the Royal Mail, and abandoning their campaign for real powers for the Scottish Parliament.

“While Labour introduced tuition fees, back nuclear weapons and illegal wars the SNP is a party that continues to support free education, opposes nuclear power, backs a public Royal Mail and supports more genuine powers for the Scottish Parliament.   It is through supporting the SNP that voters can ensure what is happening in the UK isn’t replicated in Scotland.

“This Christmas we are inviting all those let down by the Lib Dems, to join with Scotland’s students, show their solidarity over tuition fees, take a look at the SNP and have their political hearts mended with a free SNP membership."

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