SNP send Scotland's biggest thank you


The SNP is today thanking supporters whose vote for the party in 2007 enabled a Scottish Government to freeze council tax, invest in our hospitals, put 1000 additional police on the streets and create 20,000 apprenticeships a year for our young people as the party urged voters to continue that work with a vote for an SNP Government in May.

In an email to members and letter to supporters sent with 100 days to go until Scotland’s election SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond set out key achievements made possible by those that have given their support to the SNP over the last four years as he urged voters to build on that progress with a vote for an SNP Scottish Government working for Scotland in May.

In the letter and email ahead of the launch of the party’s re-election campaign on Burns Day (Tuesday 25th Jan) Mr Salmond writes:

“In 2007, with your help, the SNP became Scotland's Government. It is because of your support that Scotland now has 1,000 more police officers in our communities. And these police officers have helped deliver the lowest crime rates in Scotland in 32 years.

Because of you there are 1,000 more nurses in our hospitals and these extra nurses have helped deliver shorter waiting times. And there are more cleaners in our wards, which means fewer hospital acquired infections. Your support in 2007 has helped make our life-saving NHS even more successful.

It has created new opportunities for young Scots with 20,000 modern apprenticeship places in the past year, the highest number on record.

Thanks to you 330 schools will have been built or refurbished, 80 more than was planned by the previous administration.

Your vote in 2007 and support since is saving the average Scottish family over £300 as a result of the Council Tax freeze - vital help in tough times.

And over £20 million has been taken off Scotland's criminals and invested instead in sports opportunities for tens of thousands of young Scots. You have made a big difference to their lives and to our nation. A lot has been achieved because of you. 90% of our headline manifesto commitments have been delivered. Progress that we must not lose or see reversed. So thank you.

Of course, there is more to do. With your support again this May, we will keep the 1,000 extra police on our streets and take even more money from the criminals to give back to communities. We will freeze the Council Tax for another two years, protecting family budgets in the face of rising VAT and higher prices. We will protect NHS budgets, ensuring treatment continues to improve and we will demand fair fuel prices.

And with your support we can secure new job-creating powers for the Scottish parliament. Powers that will enable us to create even more new jobs in the years ahead.

Scotland's election takes place in 100 days. With your support we can build on the work of the past four years. Together, we can make Scotland better. In May, vote for a Scottish Government working for Scotland. Vote for an SNP Government.”

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