MacDonald Slams Tesco and ASDA for Shunning Scottish Meat

Councillor Angus MacDonald, SNP Economic Development spokesperson at Falkirk Coucnil and SNP Candidate for Falkirk East has today expressed disappointment that major retailers are remaining complacent about stocking Scottish meat on their shelves.

An investigation of supermarket shelves carried out by NFU Scotland (National Farmers Union Scotland) has shown the major retailers Tesco and Asda shunning home produced pork and chicken in favour of cheap imports. By comparison, Morrisons continued to demonstrate a considerable commitment to Scottish and British produce.

With pig and poultry prices in Europe collapsing, the NFUS investigation revealed that Tesco and Asda appear to have taken the opportunity to stock up on pork and chicken from overseas.  While pork and chicken from Denmark and Holland are regularly imported, the worrying discovery was significant stocks of meat from France, Germany, and Northern Ireland.

Responding to an investigation by National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS) that looked at the country of origin of meat on supermarket shelves, Cllr MacDonald said:

"This is a shocking find by NFUS. At a time when Scotland's producers are facing record input costs, we are seeing supermarkets stacking their shelves with meat from the Netherlands, Denmark, France and even further afield.

"The supermarkets are quietly reaping the benefits of a price collapse on the continent at the expense of our own local producers. The one bright point is that, yet again, Morrisons leads the way in promoting homegrown produce and I commend them for it.

"Well done to the NFUS for exposing this and I urge all shoppers to pay attention to the origin of the products they put in their trolleys and help to support our local farmers."


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