MacDonald welcomes FSB manifesto


Councillor Angus MacDonald, SNP candidate for Falkirk East has welcomed the ideas put forward by the Federation of Small Businesses in their election manifesto.

The SNP's Economic Development spokesperosn believes the FSB’s proposals sit very well with the progress the SNP has made in supporting small and medium sized businesses over the last four years with over 70,000 businesses having their rates abolished or significantly reduced, 1579 of them in Falkirk district.


Cllr Angus MacDonald discusses the Small Business Bonus with shopkeepers Lorraine & Jim Waugh of Party Daze in La Porte Precinct, Grangemouth

Welcoming the publication of the FSB’s ‘The Journey Back’’, Cllr MacDonald said:

“Small and medium businesses drive our economy and our communities and they have the support of the SNP. As a Scottish Government, the SNP worked with the FSB to deliver the small business bonus, putting in place essential support for small businesses during the recession.

"At the next election I want to protect the progress made for small businesses over the last four years, and continue to help small business play their roll in boosting employment and economic recovery.

“Over the coming months I look forward to discussing with businesses across Falkirk East the policies an SNP Scottish Government can introduce to help business build a stronger recovery and make Scotland better.”

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