Fuel debate - SNP launch website to list sky high fuel costs across Scotland

Hauliers endorse SNP efforts to halt fuel duty hike

Coinciding with tomorrow's Scottish Parliament debate on sky high fuel prices the SNP have launched a website http://fairfuel.org which allows people to list the costs in their own area to help draw attention to the impact the high taxes on fuel are having on families, business and hauliers across Scotland and to pressurise the UK government to scrap its planned fuel duty increase and implement a fuel duty regulator. The website already lists 47 examples from across Scotland listed by each of the SNP's MSPs and people can email, tweet or go online with their local prices

The launch occurs on the same day as the the Road Haulage Association (RHA) backs the  SNP government's efforts to draw attention to the problem of fuel costs and their efforts to introduce fair fuel taxes and prices. The backing joins a list of other endorsements which includes the Scottish Taxi Federation, the FSB and the 100,000 strong Fair Fuel UK campaign.

The debate will take place in the Scottish Parliament tomorrow evening (2nd March 2011).

Commenting on the RHA endorsement and the website, SNP Minister for Transport Keith Brown said:

"I welcome this support from the Road Haulage Association on the eve of our debate. It is also a helpful addition that we now have a website where people can record how high fuel is across Scotland.

"Across Scotland, hauliers and households are struggling with the high cost of fuel. Hauliers - whose livelihood depends on being on the road - are especially hard hit.

"The SNP Government making very clear demands of the UK Government, given that Westminster controls the whole issue of fuel taxation.

"Naturally I would like to see that power brought under Scottish responsibility but in the  meantime we have to press the UK government to honour its pledge to introduce a fuel price stabiliser

"This debate is an opportunity for the parties in the Scottish Parliament to unite and put pressure on the UK government to take the action that people want - for the fuel duty increase to be scrapped and a fuel duty regulator, as promised, to be delivered."

Backing the SNP Government's efforts Phil Flanders, Scottish Regional Director of the Road Haulage Association, said:

"The RHA fully supports the SNP to urge the Westminster Government to take immediate action to resolve the increasingly difficult situation that hauliers  - and motorists - find themselves in due to the exorbitant cost of fuel.

"We have always supported the SNP's proposals for a fuel duty regulator in order to bring stability to the costs of a haulage business where fuel can account for around 40% of running costs at today's prices. Whatever it is called - a stabiliser or a regulator - help is urgently needed for all hauliers and particularly those further from their market such as those in Scotland. Remote rural communities also deserve special help given the premium price they have to pay for fuel.

"It cannot be stressed strongly enough that in the past year fuel prices have gone up by at least 14% and in the last 28 months there  have been 8 fuel duty hikes amounting to a 25% increase. This is just simply unacceptable for the economy and the sustainability of many businesses from all sectors."

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