Peattie fails to support fair fuel regulator

SNP call for fair fuel wins parliamentary backing

Welcoming yesterday's vote in the Scottish Parliament which saw a majority vote for the SNP motion calling for the UK government to cancel the rise in fuel duty planned for April and implement a fuel duty regulator SNP Candidate for Falkirk East Councillor Angus MacDonald, who is also the SNP's transport spokesperson at Falkirk Council said the time for action is now!
Angus MacDonald also said that Cathy Peattie and her Labour party colleagues – who failed to vote for a fuel duty regulator to introduce fair fuel prices – would regret placing themselves on the wrong side of ordinary families, businesses and hauliers.

Labour's betrayal of the people of Scotland comes as a survey by the public think-tank Theos shows that fuel prices is the issue the most people in the UK are prepared to protest about.

Commenting Angus MacDonald said:

"This debate was an opportunity for the parties in the Scottish Parliament to unite and put pressure on the UK government to take the action that people want.  The fuel duty increase must be scrapped and a fuel duty regulator introduced as promised.

“The Tory government must now listen to the views of people across Falkirk district who can no longer afford the extortionate fuel prices.

"Cathy Peattie and her Labour cohorts' failure to back a fair fuel regulator shows that in May voters have a clear choice between an experienced SNP government on the side of the people of Scotland and a petulant Labour party.

"It is clear that the Labour party is completely out of touch with the anger at the high cost of fuel, yet they are unprepared to take positive action to reduce the cost.

"Why on earth can they not support a fuel regulator that can end the sky high costs of volatile oil prices? By failing to support it they continue to support the massive tax take the London Treasury will still acquire from sky high oil prices.
“Labour's own amendment failed to address the issue of increasing oil prices – which would wipe out any benefits that may occur – and wouldn’t make any difference to businesses that recoup the VAT anyway. Nor does it address the fundamental issue that the VAT increase should be abolished across the board.

"Just like with the recent budget vote Labour put ill-thought puerile political opposition before the national interest - before the interests of ordinary families and struggling businesses."

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