SNP kick off campaign to re-elect SNP Government

Campaign conference to set out record, team and vision for Scotland

Scotland’s election gets underway at the SNP conference in Glasgow this weekend as the SNP kick off our campaign to re-elect an SNP Government Meeting at Glasgow’s SECC on Saturday and Sunday the party will set out the record of achievement in Government, the team that will lead the party into the election and our vision that together we can make Scotland better.

Through a series of initiatives over conference  including a new specially commissioned party conference broadcast starring actor Jimmy Chisholm previewed online which asks “What have the Scottish Government ever done for us” the conference will see the SNP set a positive tone as we campaign to re-elect an SNP Government.

Over the last 50 days the SNP has already set out key policies of a re-elected SNP Government including

  • Continuing the council tax freeze which has saved families over £300 for atleast two more years
  • Protecting Scotland’s NHS with increases in spending on NHS resources every year for the next four years
  • Backing Scottish business with the £450 million Small Business Bonus for the next Parliament
  • Funding 5000 new council houses over  the next four years
  • Delivering the first 22,000 of the 100,000 jobs to come in Scotland’s low carbon industries by 2015
  • Backing our young people with 100,000 youth training places a year with 25,000 apprenticeships, 50,000 bursaries and 25,000 work training places a year
  • And in January alone over 3,000 jobs were supported or protected by the SNP Government working for Scotland.

Speaking ahead of the conference in Glasgow, SNP Candidate for Falkirk East Cllr Angus MacDonald said:

"Over the past four years the progress we have made as a nation is thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Scots who voted for an SNP Government in 2007.

However it is clear that our progress will be reversed if Labour and the LibDems get back into power. Labour has admitted that they will put up the Council Tax and they oppose the small business bonus, while the Tories are desperate to bring back prescription charges which the SNP Government abolished.

Labour won’t guarantee future spending in the NHS and there are real question marks over their lack of support for the 1000 extra police officers delivered by the SNP, which has resulted in the lowest crime rate for 32 years.

Labour wants to rip up the SNP’s capital spending plans by throwing away £200 million on a mile long rail track to Glasgow Airport. This will put at risk local projects like the Avon Gorge and road and rail improvements in and around Grangemouth and the Larbert/Stenhousemuir area.

The SNP in Government has delivered for Scotland and we are the only party with a positive vision for Scotland’s future.

Together, we can make Scotland better. Vote SNP on May 5th"

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