MacDonald welcomes farmers support for SNP

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald has welcomed support from farmers throughout Scotland who have endorsed the SNP Government's track record in delivering for Scotland's agriculture.

This coincided with the launch of, a new campaigning website for the re-election of the SNP Government in May to safeguard the future of Scottish agriculture and our rural communities.

Commenting First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“The SNP governs for all of Scotland and the future of our rural communities has been a priority over the past four years .

“I am delighted to see our farmers endorsing the SNP Government’s record and joining our campaign for  re-election. Agricultural is part of our nation’s fabric and the SNP will continue to work hard for our successful rural industries that play such a vital role in our economy.”
Falkirk East SNP candidate Councillor Angus MacDonald said:

"The agricutural sector in Falkirk district often goes unrecognised for the contribution it makes to the local economy, however the SNP both locally and nationally fully recognise that the rural economy is of great importance to the well-being of the local economy, something I am acutely aware of with my own agricultural background..

"The SNP has stood by our farmers over the past 4 years through thick and thin, however we need to be there for them for another four years. 2013 brings a new Common Agricultural Policy - a policy which delivers valuable support for farming - support, without which, many farms would go to the wall because the supermarkets continue to swallow too much of every pound we spend on food.

"The SNP will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the agricultural community. While there have been many challenges, not least the rise in fuel prices, the rural sector has emerged from the recession in good heart.

The SNP has acted on the industry’s concerns and food production is now once again at the heart of Government policy.  With key achievements such as the 30% growth in the sales of Scottish produce and our aid packages to help farmers in their hour of need, we have been working hard to ensure a successful future for the sector.

“It is encouraging to see so many farmers campaigning the length and breadth of Scotland for the re-election of the SNP Government."

Daye Tucker, a Stirlingshire farmer said:

"With this Government's current record and the exceptional representation for farmers by Richard Lochhead it is of no surprise that so many farmers are coming out to support the SNP for a second term.

“Everyone in rural Scotland knows that we have a popular SNP Government and Agriculture Minister who have not only listened to farmers’ concerns but acted and delivered."

Ian Muirhead, 25, a young livestock farmer from West Stirlingshire, added:

"The SNP has shown that it is committed to securing a future in farming for future generations. Any farmer who cares about the future should back the re-election of the SNP Government.

Neale McQuistin a beef and sheep upland farmer from Galloway said:

"There was no doubt the policies being put forward by the SNP for this coming election offers hope and opportunity for the farming community and especially in areas which other administrations have ignored.

“It has been refreshing to have a Government in Scotland that values food production and agriculture.  Farmers have been hugely impressed by the SNP’s vision and since 2007 we have had champions in Alex Salmond and Richard Lochhead.

Freda Scott-Park, former President of The British Veterinary Association, and a farmer on Lomondside said:

"It's so important to bring on young people - especially opportunities for young veterinary students. With renewed resurgence and interest in small scale farming in all areas of Scotland there is an opportunity now to expand the knowledge of young people in lifestock rearing.

"I am delighted to support farming for Scotland to bring together the growing number of farmers and others who support the SNP to campaign for a secure future for a vital industry."

In addition to those who attended the meeting today another 50 farmers have pledged support as the meeting took place.

The website can be accessed her:

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