SNP demand fuel duty cut & introduction fo fair fuel prices

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SNP candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald has joined other SNP politcians in calling for the UK ConDem government to scrap the fuel duty rise and introduce a fair fuel stabiliser in next week's budget as the cost of diesel in Falkirk distrct reached over 135 pence per litre.

The price rise comes on the day the AA publishes its latest petrol price report and calls on the UK government to scrap the duty increase. The monthly AA fuel price survey shows the average petrol and diesel prices have risen by up to five pence a litre in the past month.

Only in the last week we have now seen

Diesel prices in Grangemouth on the verge of hitting £1.35 per litre

9 out of 10 businesses struggling with fuel costs according to a FSB survey

The cost of running a typical lorry increase by £1000 in a month (RHA)

The AA calling on the UK government to scrap the fuel duty rise

Increased revenue from rising fuel prices is set to make the Treasury an additional £4 billion or £3000 for every man, woman and child in Scotland. Using half the additional windfall revenues from oil prices to cut fuel tax would reduce fuel in Scotland by 50p per litre or across the whole of the UK by 5p per litre.

Speaking in his home town of Grangemouth, which is home to Scotland's main refinery, Councillor Angus MacDonald, SNP candidate for Falkirk East said:

"Scotland now has the highest petrol prices in the European Union."

“When it comes to fuel prices Labour has let Scotland down and the Tories have turned their backs. Labour’s refusal to back the SNP’s calls for fair fuel prices have allowed fuel prices to rise so high it costs £1000 more this month to fill up a lorry than it did last month – costs that will end up with the consumers.

“When the SNP called for the whole Parliament to back not just lower fuel prices but fair fuel prices Labour let motorists and businesses down by abstaining on the vote.

“When the Tory Government is cutting spending and raising taxes spending more money on fuel risks breaking Scotland’s economic recovery.”

"We must send that message loud and clear to the Tories in London ahead of next week’s budget and motorists can sign the SNP's fair fuel petition and submit their local prices at the SNP website so we can take that case to Westminster.

“The SNP and people across Falkirk district are very clear. The Tories must cut fuel duty and cut it now!"

Sign the SNP’s Fair Fuel Petition:

You can check your local petrol and diesel pirces at

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