MacDonald hits out at Tory hypocrisy

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Grangemouth Councillor Angus MacDoanld has described the Tories policy of a £200 Council Tax rebate for pensioners as hypocrisy given their support for Labour’s punitive charges of up to £690 per year for Falkirk Council services delivered to elderly people free by the SNP.

In her speech to the Tory Party conference in Perth Annabel Goldie promised a £200 rebate for pensioners on their council tax bills although there was no indication of additional funds from central to local government to meet the cost.

However, while the SNP has frozen the council tax for the last four years pensioners in Falkirk East face bills of up to £690 per year for the use of council services delivered free by the previous SNP administration.

Angus said:

“As usual the Tories give with one hand then take three times as much with the other.

The people of Falkirk know you can't trust the Tories which is why locally they have only two Councillors and vie with the Liberals to avoid the wooden spoon in elections.

Annabel Goldie needs to come to Falkirk and watch the performance of their Councillors in being New Labour’s most loyal cheerleaders to the clear detriment of elderly residents, particularly the most vulnerable within that group.”

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