Only the SNP will protect Falkirk district's small businesses

SNP candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald today (Monday) highlighted the SNP's commitment to continue the Small Business Bonus, which has cut or removed entirely business rates for hundreds of small businesses across the constituency. This year alone in Falkirk district the total relief awarded via SBBS in the current year is £2.714million, and this relates to 1730 properties

Small Businesses are being urged to visit the SNP website – to pledge their support to the small business bonus and to leave their stories of the difference the small business bonus has made to them.

With Labour consistently voting against the Small Business Bonus over the last four years Angus MacDonald said the only way to protect the rates reduction for small businesses was to re-elect the SNP Government in May.

Angus MacDonald said:

“Over the last four years the SNP has slashed or abolished rates for over 1700 small firms and local employers across Falkirk district. It is one of the core achievements of our first four years in Government and has had a huge impact for small firms.

“We want to protect the progress made for small businesses over the last four years and with Scotland’s small businesses pledging their support online and sharing their support with colleagues and customers a re-elected SNP Government can and will keep the small business bonus.

“Small businesses play a huge role in this district's economy. In the current economic climate it is even more important to support our small businesses so that they can thrive and expand.

“The SNP’s commitment to small business has helped protect jobs in tough times and kept Scottish business on the go during the recession with the average firm saving £1,440 and some firms saving over £4,000 this year.

“And it is a re-elected SNP Government that will keep the small business bonus going with £450 million of investment to support our local firms, high streets and new businesses.

“Labour has consistently opposed the small business bonus. As recently as February they were voting against it in the Scottish Parliament. Labour have a track record of voting against essential help for small firms, just as they voted against a supermarket levy that would have levelled the playing field for Scotland’s high streets and £10 million of help for small businesses to take on new staff.

“Only the SNP will continue helping Falkirk East's small businesses by continuing the Small Business Bonus.”

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