SNP publish regional ballot description - 'Alex Salmond for First Minister'

The SNP have published the party description on the regional ballot paper for the upcoming Scottish Parliament election. The ballot paper description for the regional list for the SNP will read "Scottish National Party (SNP) - Alex Salmond for First Minister".

The recent ICM poll showed that Alex Salmond is far and away the people's choice to be First Minister – and is ahead across all sections of Scottish society - and the SNP are confident that with the SNP and Labour at level pegging in the TNS party ratings poll, it will be give the SNP the edge as people vote on the list for who they want to be Scotland's First Minister.
Alex Salmond for First Minister
Commenting Angus Robertson, the SNP Campaign Director, said:

"The SNP have delivered big achievements in government, with a great team of ministers to take Scotland forward, and the only real ambition for Scotland's future.

“That is what Alex Salmond stands for - he has been a fantastic First Minister for all of Scotland, and we are asking people to elect an SNP MSP  in their constituency, and vote Alex Salmond for First Minister on the list vote.

“Polls show that Alex Salmond is streets ahead of Iain Gray in terms of who is best for First Minister - who incredibly even languishes behind the Tory leader in Scotland.  Alex leads across every section of Scottish society - he is the people's choice for First Minister."

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