Angus MacDonald hails 'Fairness Friday'

The Scottish National Party’s Angus MacDonald, SNP Scottish Parliament candidate for Falkirk East, has given a warm welcome to a range of measures coming into effect today, Fairness Friday, thanks to the actions of the Scottish Government.

Angus MacDonald said:

“Thanks to the Scottish Government implementing the manifesto pledges of the SNP, today should be renamed from April Fools Day to Fairness Friday.


“A range of policies come into effect today making Scotland a fairer place.  Prescription charges have been abolished, the living wage is introduced for NHS employees and the free bus pass is extended to injured veterans.

“Fairness Friday also sees the start of the fourth year of the Council Tax freeze - saving families on average over £300 - and it marks another year of the Small Business Bonus - a measure that has ensured a fair deal for the 1730 small businesses that form the heart of the local economy in Falkrik District.

“The SNP in Government has also delivered free student education; grants for 50,000 part-time students; free school meals for 40,000 more children; 25% more nursery hours for 100,000 3 and 4 year olds, and of course, our four new state-of-the-art 'not for profit' high schools..

“In addition, the SNP has re-instated council house building, with 130 planned or already built in Falkirk district and is committed to funding a further 5,000 council homes over the next four years.

“Over the last four years a record 17,000 affordable houses have been constructed across Scotland.  That is more than in any term of Parliament and while there are challenges ahead the SNP is determined to continue our support for affordable housing in Scotland.

“The record of the SNP in Government is one of delivering a fairer society.  That is work we are seeking to build on in the next term of the Parliament.

"And we will continue to make Scotland fairer. With a re-elected SNP Governemnt led by Alex Salmond as First Minister we will maintain free prescriptions against rising prescription charges in England, we will freeze the council tax for the next two years and keep university education free.!

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