SNP take poll lead in Scotland's election

All momentum with the SNP

Salmond only leader to satisfy Scots voters

The election momentum is with the SNP as a poll in today’s Sunday Times puts the party ahead for the first time this election suggesting the SNP would win 54 seats in the Scottish Parliament compared to 52 for the Labour Party.

The poll also shows the SNP has the only credible candidate to be First Minister with 85% recognition across Scotland to only 27% for Iain Gray who falls behind the Tory leader for the third time.

And Alex Salmond is the only leader able to satisfy Scotland’s voters with a positive satisfaction rating of + 18  as people express their dissatisfaction with all other leaders north and south of the border.

Conducted by Panelbase between 24th and 29th March the poll has the SNP and Labour neck and neck on the constituency vote and the SNP ahead by 5% on the list vote. The list vote is the one that determines the overall balance of the Scottish Parliament and is the vote that will decide who becomes First Minister in Scotland.
SNP lead Sunday TimesThe results are:

Constituency vote:
SNP 37
Lab 37
Con 13
Lib 8

List seats vote:
SNP 37
Lab 32
Con 11
Lib 7
Gre 5

Over the last month the SNP has closed a 15 point gap to over take Labour as Scotland’s voters give their support to our record in government, our team of candidates led by Alex Salmond as First Minister and the only vision for Scotland’s future.

SNP Deputy Leader and Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said "This is an excellent poll putting the SNP in a winning position for the first time in this campaign and confirming that all the momentum in this election is with the SNP.

“From the beginning of March we have closed a 15 point gap with Labour across all polls, with the constituency vote now neck and neck as voters have focussed on re-electing a Scottish Government.

“And with Alex Salmond the only credible candidate for First Minister and the only leader delivering what Scotland wants our support on the list vote is increasing as voters choose to back Alex Salmond for First Minister on the list .

“Labour’s unremitting negativity is coming unstuck as their leadership north and south of the border turns voters off and the Lib Dems are paying the price for abandoning fairness in their rush to sign up with the Tories.

“Over the next  31 days we are confident that we can win people’s trust, and that voters will endorse the positive record of the SNP in Government – with 1,000 more police on our streets, a continued council tax freeze, a record 25,000 apprenticeship places for young Scots, and protection for health spending by re-electing an SNP Government and voting for Alex Salmond as First Minister”

Scotland votes seats calculation
SNP 54 (+7) , Lab 52 (+6), Con 12 (-5) LD 8 (-8), Gn 3 (+1)

Recognition ratings
Alex Salmond 85%, Annabel Goldie 39%, Iain Gray 27%, Tavish Scott 19%

Alex Salmond + 18, Iain Gray -16, Tavish Scott -25, Annabel Goldie -17, Ed Miliband -13, David Cameron -37, Nick Clegg -43

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