Angus MacDonald welcomes £50M warm homes fund

Investment to help cut poverty and hit climate change targets

SNP Candidate for Falkirk East Angus MacDonald has welcomed confirmation that a re-elected
SNP Government would invest £50million in tackling fuel poverty and meeting Scotland’s climate change targets.
Maxtones Warm Homes
The Warm Homes Fund – part of the Scottish Futures Fund which sees £250 million of savings from the Forth Bridge invested in projects for Scotland’s future – will help communities and individuals affected by fuel poverty to heat their homes in a way that is greener as well as cheaper.

The SNP Government has already established a Home Insulation Scheme, improving energy efficiency, installing free or discounted loft and cavity wall insulation for up to 380,000 homes in 29 local authority areas as well as providing 40,000 new heating systems for Scots on low incomes to tackle fuel poverty.

Welcoming the commitment to the Warm Homes Fund, Angus MacDonald, SNP candidate for Falkirk East said:

“Improving the energy efficiency of our homes not only saves money, it can make a huge contribution to meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

“A re-elected SNP Government will invest £50million in helping people heat their homes more efficiently using alternative energy though our Warm Homes Fund.
"Over the past two winters it has been clear that more needs to be done to ensure all homes are warm enough. Over the last four years we have invested in insulation for homes across the country and 40,000 new heating systems to tackle fuel poverty.  The Warm Homes Fund will allow us to go further to help households and communities benefit from cheaper and greener energy using renewable sources.

“Using solar heating for water, ground source heating for communities and improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock will cut bills and cut carbon emissions.

“And by supporting small scale renewable developments communities will not only be able to save money but make money by providing surplus energy to the rest of the country and powering Scotland’s future.

“A re-elected SNP Government working for Scotland will invest our £250 million Scottish Futures Fund, available because of our actions in the first  four years of government, in making Scotland better.

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