Mori poll confirms SNP have big momentum in campaign

Alex Salmond for First Minister winning new supporters across Scotland

The Scottish National Party tonight welcomed the Ipsos/MORI poll in the Times and Scottish Sun, and said we will continue working hard to earn the trust and support of the people.

The poll puts the SNP ahead on 45% in the constituency vote to 34% for Labour, and shows 42% of Scots backing Alex Salmond for First Minister on the list vote with only 32% backing Labour.

The poll shows a 5% swing to the SNP since the last Mori poll in February, and gives the SNP our highest poll rating in this campaign, whilst Labour’s rating is at its lowest since May 2010 (31%, YouGov 3-4 May).

Commenting on the poll, SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson said:

"This is an excellent poll, and confirms that more and more people are considering voting SNP - many for the first time - because they want to re-elect the SNP Government and Alex Salmond for First Minister.

"We are taking nothing for granted, and will contest the remaining two weeks of the campaign as a close two-horse race.

"We will continue working hard to earn the trust and support of the people for the SNP's record, team and vision for Scotland."

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