Three days to secure three big prizes for Scotland - Salmond

“BOTH VOTES SNP” For 5-Year tax freeze, protected NHS and extra Police

Scotland has three days left to secure three big prizes in Thursday's Holyrood election, SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond said today. As Scotland’s election enters the final three days of campaigning, Mr Salmond said they were three days in which the SNP would work harder than ever to push home the message that only by using both votes for the SNP will voters ensure a five-year Council Tax freeze, protection for the NHS budget and 1,000 extra police on the beat.

Mr Salmond was speaking as he visited Fort William in the Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch constituency with local SNP candidate Dave Thompson. Later in the day the First Minister will be campaigning in Fife and Aberdeen.

Mr Salmond said:

“Scotland has three days left to secure three big prizes at this election.

"Voters across Scotland have the chance to use both votes to make Scotland fairer, safer and healthier with a re-elected SNP Government.

“On Thursday using both votes for the SNP will ensure Council Tax remains frozen for five years, taking average savings from the SNP's freeze to more than £1,200 per household - proportionately benefiting lowest income households the most. That is a pledge only a re-elected SNP Government will deliver.

“And by using both votes to re-elect an SNP Government, voters will secure the NHS budget over the next Parliament, protecting free prescriptions and investment in cancer treatment.

"Re-electing an SNP Government will also ensure the 1,000 extra police we have recruited are kept on the beat to make Scotland’s communities safer.

"People from all sections of Scottish society and from every part of Scotland are coming to the SNP in this election, many of them voting SNP for the first time.

“On Thursday, the stronger the SNP vote in both the constituency and list ballots, the more progress can be achieved for Scotland.“

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