SNP Launch “Both Votes SNP” Initiative

With 24 hours till polling day the SNP is urging voters to give both votes to the SNP.

Candidates across Scotland will call on voters who want a five year council tax freeze, protection for the NHS and 1000 extra police on the streets to vote for Alex Salmond for First Minister and for the SNP with both votes on Thursday.

And the party will launch an online polling day initiative to drive home the message that to re-elect Alex Salmond  voters need to give both their votes to the SNP on Thursday including;

Advertising “both votes SNP” on Facebook

online videos from Elaine C Smith

a video for Gaelic voters by Phil MacHugh and a video in sign language for deaf supporters

and pictures, blog posts and videos of the SNP team as they campaign up to the wire for both votes SNP

SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Voters who support a five year council tax freeze, who want to see Alex Salmond re-elected as First Minister, 1000 extra police kept on the street and our NHS protected need to vote for it not just once but twice.

“The SNP is taking nothing for granted.  We will be campaigning up to the wire encouraging voters across the country to give both votes to the SNP.

“On the doorstep, online and in the media we will be taking every opportunity to ensure Scotland’s voters re-elect an SNP Government with both votes.

"It is only with both votes SNP that Scotland can re-elect a government that will deliver a five year council tax freeze and see Alex Salmond re-elected as Scotland’s First Minister.

“On Thursday is has to be both votes SNP for a five year council tax freeze and Alex Salmond for First Minister.”

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