SNP represents "National Party" of Scotland

Record, team and vision backed by Scotland's voters

Commenting on the results of the Scottish Election Study presented today at Strathclyde University which show that it was the SNP’s record in government, our team of people and vision for Scotland that won such significant support for the party in the recent Scottish election SNP MP and Campaign Director Angus Robertson said it showed the SNP was truly the national party of Scotland.

The study disputes theories put forward by opposition parties for their defeat and shows it was the positive campaign and positive approach to government of the SNP that won public support.

The study also shows the SNP leading across social classes, gender, age and religious divisions.

Mr Robertson said:

“The SNP’s team, the SNP’s record and the SNP’s vision for Scotland was given overwhelming support by the people of Scotland last month.

“This study confirms that in May's election the SNP truly was the national party of Scotland representing all parts of the country and supported by all kinds of people and is increasingly the natural party for Scots voters

“The SNP’s open and inclusive approach to government has won support across the country and is a clear demonstration of the kind of country we want to build.

“The excuses put forward by opposition parties for their poor performance at the election hold no water when faced with the real reasons people endorsed the SNP.

“Voters from all political parties turned to the SNP as the best party to govern, with the best record and the only vision.

“After four year of successful government voters put their trust in the SNP to make Scotland better.”

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