MacDonald welcomes Grangemouth local hero to parliament opening

Falkirk East’s MSP Angus MacDonald, on Friday, welcomed Grangemouth resident and community activist, Betty Adam, to the Scottish Parliament to represent Falkirk East in the traditional riding that takes place when a new Parliamentary Session begins.
Betty Adam, and Angus MacDonald Local HeroFollowing May’s elections nominations were invited for Local Heroes from each constituency in Scotland to represent their community at the Official Opening.

Betty received nominations from several people for her dedication to the community of Grangemouth through her involvement with the community council and local campaigns..

The official opening of the new Parliamentary Session was carried out by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh before MSPs, their guests and the public came together in an open afternoon with displays in the Parliament and live music from various performers.

Speaking at the Opening Day Angus MacDonald MSP said:

“ It is a real privilege to meet so many people from so many walks of life who have contributed and continue to contribute to their communities.

“ Betty Adam is one of those people, someone who has earned the respect of their community through dedication and hard work in the community.

“ It is that community spirit that the Parliament must seek to support and protect and which the Members of the Scottish Parliament must seek to emulate.

" The strength of that bond with the people of Scotland was reflected in the speeches made by the Parliament's Presiding Officer, the Queen and the First Minister, who all recognised the expectation of Scotland on its parliament as it has grown and matured since devolution and the challenges facing us.

“ This fourth term of the Scottish Parliament offers many challenges from developing critical infrastructure, to supporting economic recovery and job creation in Falkirk district and beyond. Some particularly challenging issues are getting Scotland’s carbon footprint down to meet the tough targets we have set ourselves, reducing our waste and ensuring we get the maximum possible benefit from the next energy revolution in renewables.

“ These are just a few of the issues that MSPs will grapple with on behalf of the people of Scotland and it is vital that we continue to support and strengthen that link between the Parliament and the People.”

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