MacDonald Welcomes Start of River Carron Regeneration Project

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has welcomed the start of The River Carron Regeneration Project after Communities Along the Carron Association (CATCA ) secured £57k to enable the first phase of the river clean between Fankerton to Larbert Viaduct to begin. Phase 2 of the project from Larbert to Grangemouth will be completed next year.

This iconic and historical environmental river regeneration project has received invaluable technical /engineering and environmental expertise from the River Carron Fisheries Management Group.

The project will benefit all 16 communities along the river from Carron Valley to Grangemouth. It is an environmental, wildlife conservation, biodiversity project and brings many public, social and economic benefits to the area.

The majority of the funding to enable this work to proceed was secured from Falkirk Environment Trust (FET) with additional funding received from Falkirk Council, The River Carron Fisheries Management Group (RCFMG), Callander Estate Trustees and CATCA.
FCE Consultants have been appointed Project Manager and Walker Landscapes have been awarded the contract to professionally clean up the river and Creative Management Solutions carried out the landowners consents work.

The project will cover the entire river system (including its tributaries) and will include the assistance of voluntary litter picking groups working in conjunction with Falkirk Council’s Litter Strategy Team.

By removing industrial, commercial, social and domestic waste from the river system, there will be an immediate improvement on pollution and water quality. The visual impact for local communities will also be noticeable. The project will hopefully increase public environmental awareness and respect for the river.

In addition, Log Jams in certain tributaries will be removed to allow Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout to migrate into spawning areas that are currently unavailable due to these blockages.
For more information please view the CATCA website: and the RCFMG website

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