Poll high as SNP momentum continues

Only SNP reflecting Scotland’s Ambitions

The SNP tonight welcomed the increased support of Scotland’s voters through the first 100 days of majority government with the latest opinion poll giving the party a record 22% lead over Labour and showing the level of voter satisfaction with Alex Salmond increasing since the election.

The party said the poll of 1002 Scottish adults taken over the last week which gives the SNP a 9 point lead over Labour in a Westminster election and sees the Lib Dems continuing to struggle with only 7% of the vote showed that only the SNP shared the ambitions of the people of Scotland.

With 49% of those certain to vote backing the SNP the party has improved it’s standing from the record 45% of voters who helped to deliver Scotland’s first majority government in May this year.

 All other parties have seen their standings fall since the May election with Labour’s support dropping by 4%.

Satisfaction ratings for Alex Salmond show 68% of voters are satisfied with the First Minister’s performance since the elections with only 28% dissatisfied, giving him a net rating of 34%, up 1 from April, whilst the only other opposition leader polled Willie Rennie scored -14% for his uninspiring start as Lib Dem leader – even lower than Tavish Scott’s previous rating.

The poll puts the SNP on its highest ever rating with Ipsos Mori.

Welcoming the record high poll results Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“This is an excellent poll and these are fantastic results showing the SNP maintaining our momentum as we continue to win support from  voters across the country who share our ambition to make Scotland better.

 “As we look forward to setting out our programme for government next week, to delivering on our commitments during the election and to the exciting opportunity for Scotland’s voters to choose a new future for their country this poll is a welcome endorsement of our first hundred days as a majority government.

 “In a week when all parties have tried to talk down Scotland’s abilities and our appetite for success this poll shows voters turning to the SNP and our vision for Scotland’s future in increasing numbers.

 “With the SNP now winning increased support from voters at Westminster and the public satisfaction with Alex Salmond continuing to increase voters are backing a party that is prepared to stand up to UK Government decisions and to set Scotland on a different path.

 “The SNP won a historic victory in May this year with the overwhelming support of the people of Scotland and this poll reflects the hard work of the SNP through our first hundred days in government.”

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