Majority back independence for Scotland

The SNP has today [Monday] welcomed an opinion poll from TNS exclusive to the Herald newspaper showing that a majority of people in Scotland now support independence.

The poll of over 1000 adults across 69 constituencies shows that independence now leads the status quo 39% to 38%. It is the first poll since spring 2008 showing a lead for independence and the lowest opposition since August 2007.

Independence: 39% [+2%]
Status Quo: 38% [-7%]
Don’t know: 23% [+5%]

Field work of 1,007 adults between August 24th-31st.

A spokesperson for First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond said:

“We welcome this poll showing a majority for independence and showing a growing number of people in Scotland are determined that this country should aspire to a better future, taking responsibility for our own affairs.

“Clearly, the attacks on independence in recent days from the Toy and Lib Dem UK Government – far from making a positive case for the Union – have backfired badly and boomeranged on them.

“The UK Government have so far refused to respect the result of the Scottish election in May, in terms of the need for more powers, and have resorted to recycling old scare stories instead. The people of Scotland do not respond well to such scare stories and the fact that negative campaigning does not work was one of the essential lessons of the recent Scottish election, but the Unionist parties do not seem to have learned from that.

“The more that Scotland is talked down to, the more the people of Scotland will set their sights on a better future.”

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