New poll backs financial powers and boosts independence

Voluntary sector demands devolution of employability powers

The latest in a series of polls shows the ambitions of the people of Scotland for the Scottish Parliament to hold full powers go far beyond the position of the UK Government or the limited vision of opposition parties.

The Ipsos Mori poll published in today’s Times not only shows support for independence at 35%- up by 13 points from November 2010 -  but also that 67% of voters in Scotland agree that the powers of the parliament should be extended to include “more laws and duties and all tax raising powers”  - far beyond the limited transfer of power proposed by the Scotland Bill.

The poll comes as a leading figure in Scotland’s voluntary sector , SCVO Chief Executive Martin Sime called on the Scottish Secretary to devolve powers over job creation and employability to Scotland saying “ultimately, we want the Scotland Bill to usher in more employability powers for Scotland.”

Reacting to the poll SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is excellent poll, coming on top of another survey this week showing support for independence moving ahead.

“This poll demonstrates that the people of Scotland want to move forward, far further than the Scotland Bill. The Westminster parties need to heed the voice of the people and put real economic teeth into the Bill so that we have the job-creating powers Scotland needs.

“With support for more and stronger powers for Holyrood now ranging from key job creators like Sir Tom Hunter to the call from Scotland’s Voluntary Organisations for powers over employability and welfare to be transferred it is clear the UK parties have a lot of catching up to do.

“Growing our economy is essential and with full responsibility for taxation, for welfare, benefits and job creation Scotland could take a big step forward.  Instead of continually telling Scotland what we can’t do those Lib Dem Ministers sitting in a Tory Government in London should be securing the powers and responsibilities for the Scottish Parliament that the people of Scotland so clearly want.

“With the exciting opportunity for Scotland to choose independence in the next five years and with support for continuing to grow strongly, we are extremely confident of winning the case for independence and equality for Scotland in the referendum.”

 1.    Addressing a conference in Edinburgh yesterday Martin Sime said

“ultimately, we want the Scotland Bill to usher in more employability powers for Scotland. Employability is already devolved in Northern Ireland and now we must build a new, more flexible and clever system in Scotland that helps the unemployed secure long-term jobs, benefiting communities and generating savings to the public purse in the process.” 

The Ipsos Mori poll of 1002 adults in Scotland was conducted between 25th August and 29th August 2011.

 The first question asked if the referendum was held tomorrow “whether you agree or disagree with a proposal to extend the powers of the Scottish parliament to include more laws and duties and all tax-raising powers”

Agree 67%

Disagree 28%

DK 5%

The second question asked if the referendum was held tomorrow whether voters agree or disagree with a proposal to “extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament to enable Scotland to become an independent country, separate from the UK”

Agree 35%

Disagree 60%

DK 5%

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