Scottish Labour joins Tories in dilemma over party independence

Review is complete but still no leader in sight

Commenting on reports about the outcome of the review into Scottish Labour's election defeat which recommends "a loosening of ties" with the UK Labour party, SNP MSP for Falkirk East Angus MacDonald said:

"Just as the Tories are trying to abolish themselves Labour now finds itself stuck with the dilemma that they want independence for their party whilst wanting Scotland to be run from London. Labour's stance would be amusing if it wasn't so pathetic.

"Labour's latest proposal to loosen ties with their London leadership is commendable until they then propose to elect an MP as leader and say they'll still have to get the London leadership's say so to do that. This review into their defeat at May's Scottish Parliament election is also an admission that they think most of their MSPs and MPs are useless - something the Scottish population have known for some time.

"The reason Labour lost the Scottish election so badly is that they remain stuck in the past and beholden to their London leadership. They offered no vision to the people of Scotland - just an angry and negative message talking Scotland down.

"While Scottish Labour continue to be obsessed with themselves and internal wrangling still with no new leader in sight, the SNP are focussing on our programme for government to create jobs and move Scotland forward into a brighter, more prosperous independent future."

"No wonder the SNP is achieving record poll ratings."

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