Scots give Ed Miliband massive thumbs down on day of big speech

Poll shows Labour leader more unpopular in Scotland than anywhere else

Ahead of Ed Miliband’s UK Labour party conference speech today the SNP published polling data released by ICM late last night showing that the Labour leader is more unpopular in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

Mr Miliband records a dissatisfaction rating of minus 26% in Scotland compared to minus 14% across the UK. The Scottish ratings also exceed those in the Tory heartlands of the South of England where the figure is minus 16%. The party breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP on 46% to Labour’s 37% on Westminster voting intentions. Both the LibDems and Tories are in single figures.

Commenting the SNP’s Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is a massive thumbs down from Scotland on the day Ed Miliband makes his main conference speech.

“Voters across Scotland know that it is the SNP that has a clear vision for Scotland and it is the SNP and Alex Salmond that are providing the only alternative to the UK government’s programme of cuts.

“Labour look increasingly chaotic.  They are out of power, out of ideas and Scots voters have no confidence in Labour’s current leader. 

“People across Scotland want to see more job creating powers for Scotland, they support the SNP in taking action now to boost our economy with help for business, investment in capital projects and access to borrowing powers.

“And at a time of real difficulty, the five-year council tax freeze from the SNP is protecting household budgets as people struggle to meet rising living costs.

“The SNP are the right party at the right time to take Scotland forward and to deliver an alternative to a lacklustre Labour party and a damaging Tory/LibDem coalition.”

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