Scotland’s NHS safe with SNP

Scotland’s National Health Service is safe from Tory reforms said the SNP today as 60 leading medical professionals warned the UK Government to drop its “unpopular and undemocratic” health reforms.

The Tory and Lib Dem proposals will not apply or be introduced to the Scottish National Health Service.

In their letter they call for “the suspension of or significant amendment of the Bill so it can be supported by most of the medical profession and the British people, who pay for, support and service our great NHS.” The UK Government’s proposals are due to be voted on in the House of Lords.

Falkirk East's SNP MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“Scotland’s National Health Service is safe from this disastrous plan for Tory and Lib Dem privatisation of the NHS in England.

“The public, patients and practitioners can be very clear that these reforms will not apply to Scotland.

“Scotland’s National Health Service is independent and under the SNP it will be run in the interests of the people of Scotland, not the profits of private companies.

“The more we hear of patients being directed away from the NHS toward private providers the clearer we are that these moves are the wrong moves.

“Scotland values our NHS and under the SNP it will be protected. Privatisation may be the Tory way but it is not our way.

“Voters knew they couldn’t trust the Tories with the NHS, now the Lib Dems are part of the problem. This is a purely ideological move by a UK Government desperate to get the NHS off their hands.

“Doctors and nurses in England are seriously concerned about the Tories plans to turn the NHS upside down in a move which one official says will create the “greatest quango in the sky we have ever seen”.

“Under devolution we are able to protect our independent NHS from attack by a Tory government. With greater powers for a Scottish Parliament we could extend that protection to welfare, pensions and our economy so we can ensure the values of the people of Scotland are reflected by the government of Scotland.”

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