Poll blow for UK parties

Cameron rejected by Scotland on flying visit

As David Cameron pays a flying visit to Scotland and Douglas Alexander calls for Labour to take a new approach the latest polls show both the Tories and Labour are struggling to make any ground in Scotland.

A Yougov poll conducted earlier this week shows that the SNP are leading Labour for Westminster elections by 37% to 30% as support for the Tory Government and Labour leadership hits rock bottom.

The poll shows 64% of people in Scotland disapprove of the performance of the UK Government, more than in any other part of the UK and 68% say they oppose the UK Government.

For Labour the poll shows Scottish voters have the lowest confidence in Ed Miliband of anywhere in the UK outside of the South of England The poll of 405 voters in Scotland was carried out between the 10th and 11th of October.

SNP MSP for Falkirk East Angus MacDonald said

“The supposed fightback from the UK parties is failing as voters continue to turn away from this Tory / Lib Dem coalition and find no alternative in Ed Miliband or Labour’s London team.

“Scottish voters are clear that David Cameron does not represent their needs.  The UK Government’s refusal to change its economic strategy, to invest in the capital projects that would help to create jobs and support recovery are just part of their problem.

“Fleeting visits from UK ministers to lecture Scots on the union do not match the aspirations of the people of Scotland and a London Labour leader that doesn’t even know who is standing for his party in Scotland is evidence of how little Scotland means to Ed Miliband.

“And with only 4% showing confidence in Nick Clegg the Lib Dems position is even worse.

UK leaders shouldn’t be surprised by these ratings when even Danny Alexander admits UK parties have let Scotland down and Douglas Alexander accepts the politics of fear are failing.

As the SNP looks forward to party conference next week we are continuing

to govern with the support of the people of Scotland and a mandate to take Scotland forward."

Fieldwork: 10th - 11th October 2011 YouGov / Sun Survey; Sample Size: 2640 GB Adults; Fieldwork: 11th - 12th October 2011


Headline Voting Intention


SNP 37%

Lab 30%

Con 21%

LibDem 5%

  1. People in Scotland most disapprove of David Cameron’s government record

– 64%.

•        Do you approve or disapprove of the Government's record to date?

UK London Rest of South Midlands / Wales North Scotland

Approve 29% 32% 36% 25% 24% 26%

Disapprove 56% 53% 48% 58% 63% 64%

Don't know 15% 15% 16% 16% 14% 10%

2. Scotland has the least confidence in the three UK party leaders to be best PM. Outside the south of England Ed Miliband’s worst area is Scotland where he has no different support from the UK as a whole.

•        Which of these would make the best Prime Minister?

UK London Rest of South Midlands / Wales North Scotland UK Diff.

David Cameron 36% 36% 45% 35% 28% 25% -11%

Ed Miliband 21% 22% 14% 22% 29% 21% 0%

Nick Clegg 5% 6% 7% 5% 4% 4% -1%

Don't know 38% 36% 35% 38% 39% 49% 11%

All UK Leaders 62% 64% 66% 62% 61% 50% -12%

  1. Nearly 70% of people in Scotland oppose the UK government coalition. The disapproval rating is the highest in the UK.

•        Do you support or oppose the coalition agreement between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats?

UK London Rest of South Midlands / Wales North Scotland

TOTAL SUPPORT 35% 37% 38% 33% 23% 22%

TOTAL OPPOSE 56% 56% 50% 57% 68% 68%

-21% -19% -12% -24% -45% -46%

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