SNP set membership challenge

Time to build the “independence generation”

Ahead of the SNP’s conference this week, where the party will mark its success in the Scottish Parliament elections and set out the next steps to take Scotland forward, the SNP set members and supporters across the country the challenge of doubling the party’s membership by the start of the referendum campaign.

Membership of the SNP has doubled since 2003, soaring to over 18,000 after May’s historic election results. Over the summer membership has grown to nearly 19,000 (18,965 at 30 September). The SNP is the only major party in Scotland whose membership has grown continuously over this period.

Setting the challenge, the SNP’s Business Convener Derek MacKay said he was confident the SNP could build a strong grassroots membership movement to take Scotland Forward.

Mr MacKay said:

“In May this year the SNP’s campaign won the support of over 900,000 people across Scotland and since then we have seen membership surge to

19,000 making the SNP Scotland’s largest political party.

“Over conference we will set out a series of initiatives to increase membership to 38,000 and to welcome new people, from all backgrounds, to the party.

“From Selkirk to Shetland the SNP is Scotland’s party and we welcome anyone who wants to see the best for Scotland and who wants to play their part in taking Scotland forward.

“With a referendum on Scotland’s future toward the end of this parliament we all have a stake in building a better Scotland and I hope those who were inspired to vote SNP will be inspired to join us, to be part of the independence generation and work with us to take Scotland forward.

“There is a myth that membership of political parties is falling. It may be true in other parties but it doesn’t apply to the SNP. We want to see as many people in their communities signing up for the SNP and playing their part in taking Scotland forward.”

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