Further growth in independence support

Two out of three Scots back transfer of real economic powers

10% swing towards independence

SNP Leader and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has welcomed the results of a new TNS poll conducted for the BBC, which found that two out of every three Scots back Independence or more economic powers for the Scottish Parliament. The poll also shows a 10% swing to independence since the last poll which tested opinion in a single question across the three constitutional options of Independence, more powers for the Scottish Parliament, and the status quo - which took place a year ago.

The poll of 1020 people in Scotland was conducted between the 26th October – 1st November 2011.

Commenting, Mr Salmond said:

"This is an excellent poll showing a marked increase in support for independence, and 2 out of 3 Scots backing real economic power for Scotland.

"Independence and ‘more powers for the Scottish Parliament’ are now neck and neck as the debate over Scotland's future gets started. We are only at the start of the referendum campaign but as voters realise the positive benefits of independence, that figure will rise further and faster.

"This is the third poll in a row showing rising support for independence highlighting that the tired arguments of the Westminster-led parties simply aren't working. The people of Scotland are increasingly seeing through these attempts to talk down their own ability to make a success of themselves, their communities and their country."

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