Record high support for the SNP

Over half of the people of Scotland back SNP in sensational poll

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has welcomed the latest Ipsos MORI poll which reveals an all-time record support for the SNP.

The poll findings published today (Friday) show that a staggering 51% of people in Scotland certain to vote would vote for the SNP.

Ms Sturgeon said:

"This is a sensational poll for the people of Scotland and for the SNP. We are moving into new territory and six points up from the 45% of Scottish voters who backed the SNP at the election.

"The SNP now have more support than all the other parties added together.

"Our support and momentum is continuing to climb as we keep moving Scotland forward by delivering our ambitious programme for government.

"The SNP now has the support of over half the electorate, and there is growing support for Scotland having the full range of job-creating powers we need to boost jobs and recovery, protecting the NHS front line services and becoming an equal and independent country.

"The First Minister’s approval rating has soared to 62% of voters saying they are satisfied with the way he is doing his job – more than three times ahead of any of the other party leaders."


Party Constituency vote May 2011 (%) Party Certain to Vote: Poll Dec 2011 (%)

SNP 45.4 SNP 51

Labour 31.7 Labour 26

Conservative 13.9 Conservative 12

Liberal Democrat 7.9 Liberal Democrat 8

Others 1.1 Others 4

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