SNP respond to Reform Scotland report

Nicola Sturgreon, Deputy Leader of the SNP, has responded to the Reform Scotland report published today.

She said:

"With a decisive majority in favour of independence in the poll which accompanies this report - over 60 per cent - this is yet another demonstration that the tide of opinion is clearly flowing in favour of independence and financial responsibility for the Scottish Parliament.

"Reform Scotland's Advisory Board contains senior figures and former MSPs from all of the main parties, and the SNP Government have said that we are willing to include a 'devo-max' option in the referendum - yet Labour and the Lib Dems have indicated that they want to be on the same side as the Tories in rejecting more powers for Scotland, a disastrous position in Scottish politics.

"Rather than lead Scotland - in line with the wishes of their own voters - Labour and the Lib Dems, inexplicably, would rather be led in the referendum by Michael Forsyth.

"The SNP, and increasingly the people of Scotland, want to see the Scottish Parliament gain full economic and financial powers so that we can build sustainable growth and boost jobs - the only alternative to Tory/Lib Dem Westminster cuts which are choking off recovery.

"We are confident of winning the case for independence and equality for Scotland in the referendum, and are encouraged by this positive report."


* In the Reform Scotland online survey, participants were asked - What is your preferred option for Scotland's political future?

Independence - 61.8%

A transfer of more financial and spending powers - 24.4% Status quo - 7.7% Scrap the Scottish Parliament - 6.2%

* The report states that: "A clear overall majority in each of the party groupings believes that the Scottish Parliament should be responsible for raising the majority of the money its spends."

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