An analysis of the Scottish samples of YouGov UK daily polls over the last four days - amounting to an overall total of over 600 people – has shown Westminster voting intentions at 37% for the SNP; a 17% increase since the 2010 Westminster election and an 11% swing from Labour.

Commenting on the analysis the SNP’s Campaign Director Angus Robertson said:

“These latest figures show that the momentum is with the SNP.

"While the UK leaders continue to offer nothing but negativity, the SNP is committed to giving the people of Scotland what they want - a positive vision of our country's future.

“As the consequences of the Tory budget begin to sink in – with motorists and pensioners being hard hit by tax grabs – Scots will no doubt be even further turned off by Westminster politics.

“And the recent u-turn by both Labour and Conservative parties in Westminster on minimum pricing – following years of SNP campaigning – has shown how Scotland is leading the way on tackling the big issues.”

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