Above: The UK edition of 'The Economist', released this weekend

Today (Saturday) the SNP’s Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson MP, welcomed that people from across the political spectrum – and from outwith politics - have condemned the juvenile cartoon cover of The Economist magazine.

Mr Robertson’s comments came as it emerged that the Scottish cover was only used in the UK edition, and not in the international edition of the magazine.

Commenting Mr Robertson said:

“As predicted The Economist have succeeded in uniting Scots in condemnation of their juvenile approach to reporting Scottish affairs – indeed London-based political commentators have highlighted their insulting attitude.

Their attack on Scotland and on the communities of Scotland has backfired in dramatic fashion - it has gone down like a lead balloon.

Many people thought that The Economist front cover was so ill-judged that it must be a spoof until they saw it on newsstands.

It also now appears that this cover was only used in their UK edition and not their international edition – it seems they have shied away from attacking Scots overseas, and incurring the wrath of Scotland’s influential ex-pat community.

This whole episode has hugely damaged the Economist’s credibility. When their attitude and coverage to Scotland is so ill judged, it raises questions about their reporting of other nations.”

See below comments from respected commentators and the SNP's version of how the front cover of 'The Economist' should have looked: 


Tom Devine – Senior Research Professor in History at University of Edinburgh

“The piece in The Economist is a totally predictable kind of thing that can be heard from time to time at middle class dinner parties or in the letters pages of the Daily Telegraph.

If we take away the south east of England and the overblown economy in London , in relation to the rest of the UK then Scotland is doing rather well".

(Scotsman 14.4.12)

Henry McLeish – Former Labour First Minister

“ As a reader of The Economist over many years I’m not surprised at how patronising and eccentric it can be. It reveals the sparsity of knowledge about the subject and comes from the magazine’s traditional right wing stance on most political and economic issues.”

(Scotsman 14.4.12)

Tim Montgomerie – Editor of Conservative Home website

“ Have to agree with Angus Robertson. Cover is insulting to Scottish people and unhelpful to the Unionist cause.”

(From Twitter – mentioned in Scotsman 14.4.12)

Lesley Riddoch – Broadcaster

“This treats Scots like idiots with delusions of grandeur. What do you gain by causing such offence?”

(From Twitter – mentioned in Scotsman 14.4.12)

Patricia Ferguson – Labour MSP

“Most people will recognise this front page does not represent the facts, is way over the top and will not endear itself to readers in Scotland .”

(Herald 14.4.12)

Scottish Green Party co-leader, Patrick Harvie Said that the cover was “ill-judged and patronising.”

(Herald 14.4.12)


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