Grangemouth Warning System Test - 6th June

The Grangemouth Petroleum & Chemical Complex Major Incident Control Committee (MICC) Community Warning System will be tested at 7pm on Wednesday 6th June 2012.

The test will activate the eleven community warning masts installed to help communicate with the public in the event of a toxic gas release.  The system transmits warning tones and verbal instructions to the community.  This  will be a test transmission, clearly stating that the activation is a test and the public are required to take NO ACTION.  In the event of a real emergency taking place during this time, the transmission will clearly indicate such an event and residents and businesses should take the appropriate action.

The aim of the twice yearly test is to check the operating systems, monitor the sound in varying weather conditions, Everyone in Grangemouth is encouraged to familiarise themselves with the differing tones and also to consider their own procedures/arrangements for reacting to such an alert.

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