Angus MacDonald Takes Part in Historic Independence Vote


Falkirk East SNP MSP, Angus MacDonald, this week took part in the historic vote in the Scottish Parliament, in which, for the first time, Holyrood indicated its support for Scotland becoming an independent country.

Angus MacDonald commented:

“This was a small but very important step on the road to the future for Scotland.

“For the first time ever, Scotland’s elected representatives actually voted to state their support for Scottish independence. In the end it is the people themselves, not the politicians, who will decide, in the 2014 referendum, but it is no small matter that Scotland’s Parliament made a stand this week for Scotland to take its place in the world.

“A few years ago, this would have been an unimaginable situation, and it is worth looking back and recording that we would not have got this far without the efforts of a large number of Nationalists who fought for decades for Scottish independence before Scotland had a democratic voice of her own.

“This week marked the beginning of a new and very positive campaign for Scotland to gain all the powers of a normal country, and make life better for everyone who lives here.”


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