The SNP has criticised the UK Government for its plans to spend £1 billion on a contract renewing the UK's nuclear-armed submarines for Faslane, despite Scottish public opinion  consistently being against Trident.

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s Defence Spokesman, said Scotland’s opposition Trident was overwhelming - with everyone from Church leaders to the STUC and the Scottish Government being against it - and that the UK Government have no democratic mandate to impose it on Scotland.

Mr Robertson said:

"People in Scotland do not want Trident. Church leaders, the Scottish Trades Union Council, The Scottish Government and the Scotland’s Parliament are all against weapons of mass destruction being in our waters.

"Despite this the UK Government is prepared to send £1 billion of taxpayers money on a needless programme and then expect the people of Scotland to accept weapons of mass destruction being dumped here.

"What Scotland needs is a government close to home making decisions based on what the people of Scotland actually wants. Only an independent Scotland can deliver this.”

Commenting on the Disarming Trident document produced by the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Mr Robertson said:

"I warmly welcome the Scottish CND report– the SNP have a solid commitment to the earliest possible withdrawal of Trident from Scotland and to the pursuit of a world free from nuclear weapons.

"Despite the scaremongering antics of the anti-independence parties we have plans for the development and diversification of HMNB Clyde as a vibrant and sustainable conventional naval base in an independent Scotland."

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