Welcoming the publication of an IPSOS/MORI poll this afternoon, putting the Scottish National Party on 45% amongst those certain to vote in a Scottish Parliamentary Election – with exactly the same lead over the Labour Party as in the 2011 landslide election win - SNP Camapigns Director Angus Robertson - said:

“To have exactly the same poll rating as the one which delivered our sensational election landslide over twelve months ago is fantastic.

“The SNP is moving Scotland forward – delivering strong, competent Government in the face of Westminster cuts. Just today, for instance, we have seen publication of statistics showing that recorded crime in Scotland is now at its lowest level since 1975.

“It is no wonder that over 70% of Scots now trust the Scottish Government to act in Scotland’s best interests – a figure that continues to rise - compared to just 18% who trust Westminster.

"On these figures, Labour still fare no better than their disastrous result last year, or indeed on their election-losing position in 2007 - which comes as a severe blow to a party which has been five years in opposition.

“The poll is a complete disaster for the Lib Dems - who have slumped even beyond their slump – and now must be asking themselves how low they can go. There is a stark warning for Labour here, who by entering into an anti-independence alliance with the Tories, risk a similar voter backlash.

“Meanwhile the Tories continue to flat-line in Scotland, which is a dreadful indictment on the record of the UK Government.”


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