Only by voting Yes at the 2014 referendum will the future of Scotland’s children and young people be protected from the Westminster government’s politics of austerity. 


Angus MacDonald MSP’s comments follow a Labour press release about the joint report from the charities Action for Children, NSPCC and Children's Society, which warn that the Tory-led Westminster government’s policies of austerity will lead to a dramatic rise in the number of disadvantaged children and families.


Labour says the Tory-led Westminster government’s policies will see “families pushed to the brink by Tory-led Government” and that the report “paints a grim picture of the kind of future that this Government is creating”.


Falkirk East MSP, Angus MacDonald said:


“Labour are right to say that the children’s charities report highlights the bleak future the UK government is creating for young people, but their pact with the Tories in Scotland to impose future decades of austerity on the people of Scotland undermines their credibility on this issue.


“Labour’s anti-independence alliance with the Tories shows a rank hypocrisy on this matter.


“If they believe that the decisions by the Tory-led Westminster government are grim and push families to the brink then why do they want that same Tory-led Westminster government to carry on making those decisions for Scotland?


“Only a Yes vote at the referendum can secure a brighter future for Scotland’s children and young people. The consequences of a No vote will leave the threat of further Westminster cuts hanging over Scotland – and Labour know this.


“Every child in Scotland deserves the best possible start in life and it is for this reason that the SNP launched Scotland’s first ever national strategy to tackle child poverty that will help the poorest families increase their household incomes.


“This report and Labour’s reaction is a key example showing why it is better for decisions for Scotland should be made by those directly elected by the people of Scotland, and not those at Westminster.”

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