SNP Leader Alex Salmond has reinforced the Scottish National Party's complete opposition to Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland by saying that the SNP believe this should be enshrined in a written constitution for an independent Scotland.

The SNP leader said:

“The SNP Government will be bringing forward a white paper on independence which proposes a written constitution for an independent Scotland, and that constitution will have to be ratified by the Scottish Parliament elected in 2016.

“The SNP position on this is that the constitution should include an explicit ban on nuclear weapons being based on Scottish territory.
This reinforces the SNP’s unshakable opposition to nuclear weapons, and that is the context in which we will debate NATO at the forthcoming party conference.

“The resolution to be debated at conference does make an independent Scotland’s membership of NATO conditional on the acceptance of Scotland’s non-nuclear status, in line with the vast majority of current NATO members.”


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