Inspector Drummond from Grangemouth Police Station has made Angus MacDonald MSP aware of an incident that has taken place in Kelvin Street.  An elderly man was hurt in his home by an intruder, who then stole some property from the house.


The police have made an arrest and a man is in custody.  Inspector Drummond said the victim was recovering well.  The police have increased their presence in the area and are carrying out door-to-door enquiries.  They have also set up a mobile unit for any one who can give any information. 


Angus MacDonald commented:


“It is very good that the local police disseminate information on these types of incidents so quickly.  It allows people at risk to be aware that they should take great care when unannounced callers appear at their door. 


“Inspector Drummond alerted me quickly so I could spread the word, informing local residents to be careful and also so we can advise concerned constituents about the situation.


"If anyone does have any worries or any information they should call Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000”.

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