It was house full at Falkirk Old and St. Moden’s Parish Church last night as YesScotland launched it’s campaign in Falkirk.

Michael Matheson MSP chaired the event and welcomed speakers, Angus MacDonald MSP, Robb Kay from the Green Party, Falkirk author, playwright and performer Alan Bissett, and former MP and MSP Dennis Canavan.

Angus highlighted the benefits of an independent Scotland, comparing Scotland with other Nordic countries that have used their oil funds for the benefit of their people. They have excess funds, wisely invested, that will be available for many generations to come.

Robb Kay, who moved to Scotland from England after coming to walk the hills as a teenager , promoted the idea of having a written constitution that would help people make the decision as to whether they would vote yes or no.

Alan Bissett fired up the audience with a history of Scotland’s politics and related the shocking story of how successive UK Governments had covered up the content of the McCrone Report which detailed the amount of oil reserves in the North Sea and were in fact far more than UK governments led the public to believe.

Only around a third of the audience had heard of the McCrone Report which reinforced the success of the cover up campaign.

This information had been kept under wraps for 30 years until it was a legal requirement that the information contained in it was made publically available. You can read the report here:

Dennis Canavan told the audience of his reasons for changing his views and now believes that Scotland and her people would be much better off with an independent government taking it’s place and responsibilities in the international community.

All members of the panel agreed that Scottish people want to see socially just policies for their country and the only way to achieve this will be by having our own independent government.

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