The SNP says the UK coalition’s split on onshore wind farms is threatening renewables investment and jobs, after the Department of Energy and Climate Change issued lines rebutting their own minister.

Tory energy minister John Hayes has reportedly been “slapped down” by his LibDem boss Energy Secretary Ed Davey after claiming the UK had “enough” of wind farms – in direct contrast to Mr Davey’s backing of renewables.

This comes after companies wrote to the UK Government earlier this month complaining that UK Government uncertainty was holding back investment.

The Scottish renewables industry employs 11,000 people in Scotland, has brought in £2.9 billion of investment since 2009 and latest DECC statistics show that it saved the equivalent of 8.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions in 2011.

Angus MacDonald, SNP MSP for Falkirk East and a former member of the Scottish Parliament’s Energy Committee,


“The difference between the Scottish and UK governments could not be starker. The SNP Government has given the industry a clear message on the development of clean green energy that is delivering much-needed jobs and investment to communities across Scotland.

“Government Ministers contradicting each other and the DECC press office putting out lines contradicting their own Minister is another example of the omni-shambles engulfing the UK Government.

“This full-blown split in the Tory-LibDem coalition is causing alarm in the renewables sector and threatening renewables investment.

“The DECC is in a state of utter shambles, with a Tory energy minister saying he wants to put the brakes on renewables while his LibDem energy boss saying the complete opposite.

“No wonder Scotland is seeing so many renewables companies making investments and creating jobs.

“David Cameron’s comments that Scotland needs Westminster to boost renewables is now coming back to haunt him – today’s events clearly show it is the opposite that is true.

“On the same day as these comments the SNP Government announced it surpassed its 2011 electricity generated by renewables target.

“We have set a new target that will see Scotland will now generate the equivalent of half of our electricity demand from renewable sources by 2015, putting us well on our way to an equivalent of 100 per cent by 2020.

“The renewable energy industry is already delivering thousands of jobs and millions of pounds of investment, and will continue to expand in years to come.

“Decisions over energy should not be left to a split Westminster government but should be made in Scotland, by a Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament, 100% elected by the people of Scotland.”

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